The Assistants On Demand

The Assistants on Demand support you in all activities concerning business development.

They are skilled professionals who provide customized assistance:

  • on an hourly basis
  • on request
  • depending on the specific needs of your company

The assistance on demand may be either a remote job or an onsite activity.



You will not be responsible for any employee-related taxes, insurance or benefits

You will avoid the logistical problem of providing extra office space, equipment or supplies

You will pay for 100% productive work


The Assistants on Demand can support you in several areas:


Human Resources

Marketing / PR

Sales, Purchases, Customer Care


Back Office / Secretarial

  …. and much much more!!


Who needs an Assistant on Demand

The Assistants on Demand are the perfect solution for:

  • foreign companies already active in Italy that wish to develop their products and services, increasing their market presence
  • foreign companies that have no activities in Italy and wish to start up their business on the Italian market 

Our consultants

Besides supporting you in all back office activities, the Assistants on Demand work with qualified consultants.

If requested they can help you focus on your goals and strategic plans.

The Assistants on Demand in team with very skilled professionals provide you with the following services:

market analysis

competitors’ analysis

survey activities


leads check out

events organization

follow up activities

prospects research

sales and marketing plan definition

The Assistants on Demand will help you increase your sales and make your company grow !

The Assistants on Demand are your Italian business partners.